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How does it work?
The process is easy: you simply browse, pick, install and customize the theme that better represents you and your brand. The file you will receive includes all the information you'll need to do it all.

I bought a theme and I cannot see the download.
Please contact me with your order number and the email address used for the purchase. You will receive a copy in 24-48 hours or once we've reviewed your purchase.


Can I use the theme files on one or more blogs?
We build our themes based on specific ID numbers, each of which are unique. The theme file will only let you upload more than once in the case of a domain and a subdomain. e.g. You can use it on your main page: and a subdomain: - For completely different domains e.g. and, You will need to purchase 2 ID's OR 2 themes, otherwise you won't be able to use it. We do offer a discount for your second purchase. Pleas contact us for more information.

Can you install the theme for me?
Yes, this is an added option in your cart. Our team charges $45-$60 USD. Please note that custom installations don't include graphics or coding changes to the theme.

How do custom installations work?
​I​nstallations are completed during our work hours: 8am - 4pm EST Monday, Wednesday and Friday with the exception of US holidays. The process might take 48-72 hours depending on the amount of requests received that day. We email clients after checkout with the information needed for us to log in and make the changes requested.


I just saw a theme and it's marked as "sold out". Why?
We take pride in making not only beautifully detailed and functional designs... but we also want to maintain a sense of exclusiveness by offering a limited number of each theme.


Can I fully customize the theme?
Yes - but while we do provide the code for our themes, we are unable to offer support for HTML and CSS customizations. The theme's details clearly describe what's available for each theme. You can further customize by purchasing some additional services or you can hire us to design a theme from scratch that fits your needs to a T.


Which browsers do you work with?
Our themes are compatible with the latest versions of Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Safari and Google Chrome. The themes also work on most tablets and smartphones. However, the variety of tablet and smartphone browsers is too great for us to optimize our themes on every one. That's why while our themes ARE responsive they might look slightly different on some devices.

Does the theme work with third-party commenting services?
We don't provide support for third party commenting systems. However, we know some themes work with Disqus, the reason being that heavily customized themes have an incompatibility issue with some of the automatic codes from these providers.


Do you offer discounts?
We are constantly looking for opportunities to give our clients a discount or to launch a product that is only developed for those who are part of our community. Feel free to sign up to our newsletter to receive all the news in your inbox.

Why the price difference between collections?
We price each theme according to the features, resources and funds that we have spent in creating it. Themes with different features have different prices. We also take into account support and the fees of our wonderful team of developers who help us make these wonderful designs available for Wordpress.


Where do I get help?
Support is provided via email by our staff. It is important that you know all our themes are carefully tested for errors. We will need you to contact our team with your name, blog URL and a detailed description of the issue so we can make everything work for you. In the case of client error, we charge a $45 hourly rate to fix the issues. The final price will be passed on to the client for authorization.

What is your schedule and support time frame?
Support is available for every theme Our work hours are: 8am - 4pm EST Monday - Friday. Closed on US holidays. We require a 3-business-day window to reply. In order to create, install, or offer support, we will need a temporary invitation to your blog. We don't have access to any of your private information except for the posts, which we never go into. Customizations or additional changes do not qualify as support.


If I create my own graphics can I add my credits?
Definitely, as long as you don't remove the part where the theme is credited to Ana Degenaar. You can add your own information or alter the way it reads.


Do you have an affiliate program?
No, unfortunately, due to some copyright infringements and lack of professionalism on the part of previous affiliates, Ana Degenaar has decided to close all affiliations for now. We would love to work with some starter Designers and Developers and are planning to get this service working again in the near future.

I'm a graphic designer, can you develop my website?
We provide graphic design and Blogger and Wordpress development. Please contact our team for more information. Make sure you include detailed information about the project so we can send you a quote.

How can I become a part of your team?
Please, feel free to contact our team with your portfolio. We love to work with new designers and developers. Mention how much experience you have and why you'd like to work with us, we'll get back to you as soon as possible.


May I add any features to your custom theme?
Yes, it is always possible to upgrade. Please keep in mind that our prices vary depending on the features of the theme. If you purchased from a previous collection and your theme is missing a feature, you will be charged a fee to upgrade or add a new element.


Nothing is showing up on my screen, why?
As we mention above, we make an effort to protect our work and periodically search for our codes within our server. Themes will be deleted if there's any kind of infringement and a bill will be sent to your account as per our Terms and Conditions regarding Copyright.

How does being a minimalist affect your life?
I never chose to be a minimalist. In fact many, many years ago, minimalism chose me—and while I initially took it on through convenience, I stuck with it because it made me a more mindful person. That awareness in me has changed my life completely from something so mundane as to how I wipe my counter tops to how I decide to spend my energy, my thoughts and my time with the ones I love.

What's the most exciting project you've ever taken on?
This is the scariest and most exciting leap I've taken. It makes me find solutions to the boredom of the ordinary. The run of the mill. The “just OK.” It not only puts me in contact with wonderful brands and with fantastic ideas and values but it also keeps me on my tip toes: it challenges me like the growing brainchild it is.

How do you balance everything?
I don't... not everything. I focus on doing the most important things with all the care and attention possible and I tackle each one of those with the same importance but not at the same time.

What motivates you in your career?
I believe in exploring my motivations and the emotions that I have about any given thing I do. I am moved by the need to share something of value. I get emotionally invested in blogs, bloggers, artists and all the amazing people I meet daily.

Do you accept sponsored posts, why?
Yes, while there's a controversy surrounding this practice, the mission of my blog has always been to share the best of the minimalism world... and that includes brands - truly stunning brands that are bringing to us quality, design and most importantly the ability to purchase fewer and more quality products. That said, however, I do not work with just any brand. For me to share something I must have tested it or experienced it before. It is highly important for me that I do not share anything I wouldn't purchase, wouldn't use or that doesn't represent my views.

How do you choose companies to work with?
The brands I work with are either brands I've personally used for several years or brands that approach me for product testing. If a company approaches me and they have no relation whatsoever to any of my passions or views, I respectfully decline.

Why did you decide to take on sponsors and affiliations?
I'm naturally someone who loves to experiment and share. I stumble upon wonderful tips, products and solutions for my own troubles daily and I've always loved to give a space to people who are doing exciting things with wonderful motivations. The sum total of our experiences are there to enrich peoples' lives and that's my own motivation to do this.

What's always in your bag?
Surprisingly enough, I only carry my debit card, sun screen, phone, lip balm, a notebook, a pen and a banana. I know it’s boring but that’s truly all I need.

What camera do you use?
I use a Canon 5d EOS7D with a variety of lenses.

Where do you find inspiration?
I find inspiration in the emotions that surround me, in the artists I meet, in the clients I work with... but mostly in the creative genius that is my daughter, EP.

How do you wind down at the end of the day?
I disconnect from work and make it non-negotiable. Then I always dedicate some time to myself and to the people I love. Lately, I’ve been loving spending a few minutes of quiet time at home in the afternoons just before I finish the last stretch of my productive day. That seems to be making the transition from a busy day of work into rest a little less difficult for me.

If you could turn back time to the moment when you’re just starting out, what would you say to yourself?
When I started out I was very insecure... so I held back sharing a lot of my best work. I was scared it wasn’t perfect—so I’d tell myself to stop trying to dissect my work and just scratch my itch to create and share that with the world and pridefully stand behind it.

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